You can't change me!

About Me

Hello, Bonjour, Assalam-o-Alaikum, Namaste, Buongiorno !

Since this is my page, so I need to say something or all about myself. As always it is difficult to present yourself since you realize yourself so well that you don’t realize where, to begin with. Let me a try to perceive what sort of image you have about me through my self-description. I believe that my views about Mubashir and your views about Dr.Mubashir are not all that extraordinary. Here it goes..

Born and raised in Quetta, Pakistan a man who is sure about each part of life but yet searching for perfections. There are numerous things I love to do, to see nature, and to encounter people. I love to watch good movies, I like to design; I like to dream rater day-dreamer; I like to talk – not small talks but long details, I like to tune in to any random radio & TV channel and listen to whatever just to understand and experience the differences. I love watching the dawn, the evening glow; I like to feel the music streaming all over, I like to smell the breeze originating from the sea, take a gander at the mists in the sky with a clear personality, to do a psychological study when I can’t rest amidst the night. I like blooms in spring, rain in summer, leaves in pre-winter, and snow in winter. The hardships and loss of loved ones in life made me a philanthropist, now helping the needy around the globe is one of my mission.

The tranquillity is the word that defines me, staying composed, calm and controlling the blaze of emotions is the quality I admire in me. The life of Lahore and tranquillity of Hunza Valley, the buzzing Champs-Elysees or peaceful peak of Alpes every place has its own charm and I’m one of the blessed ones who love those charms.

I always wanted to be a writer, similar to Victor Hugo who wrote “Les Miserable”, or like Roman Roland who wrote, “John Christopher” or my own Sufis like Ashfaq Ahmed, Mushtaq Yousfi and Mustanser Hussain Tarar. They have affected a huge population through their writings and wisdom, being one of their followers I always feel hungry for the words and knowledge they spread. Obviously, I am no place near these individuals, yet. I am simply somebody who admires and tries to use their extraordinary experiences as my guidelines or navigation GPS of life. Be that as it may, my fantasy is as yet alive.
This is a concise presentation of myself, if you are keen on knowing more, read my articles or check out my photos, blog posts. Try not to expect excessively, and keep your sense of dark humour alive.